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Toshi Salvino is...


a self-taught multi-disciplinary visual artist, among other things. . . 

Originally from the Middle of Nowhere (Pennsylvania, USA) and now based in Brooklyn, NYC, Toshi was inspired at a young age by all things magical and fantastic to escape mundane reality and Create the Life they dreamed of.  Initially focused on traditional artwork, Toshi began to transform their Meat Puppet into the Alternate Selves that they would draw, thus shifting the Canvas from Paper to Body. 

Inspired by Japanese and Global Alternative Street Fashion, Historical Artwork and Culture, Video Games, Animation, Art Films, “weird” Music, she realized that each version of herself was a different character to Play in the world with. . .  Thus, Toshi has decidedly described their style as "Living Doll", since one can use a Doll  as  the conveyor of any sort of emotion, style or character;  yet underneath, the canvas  remains the same.

Here at Dollybox, we are passionate about Human Rights, Equality and Inclusivity,  these values have a strong basis in Toshi's work and brand. 

She has worked as a freelance makeup artist, model, designer, instructor, influencer, MC, dancer, haunter, contortionist, hair stylist, performance artist, and random cute person across the globe; from NYC to Las Vegas to LA, Montreal, Tokyo,  Poland and Sweden. Travel and exploring cultures is one of the most important influences in her work and outlook on life.

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Dollfille presents Dollybox


Thank you for your support and interest. <3 

If you would like to get in contact, with Toshi personally, please email

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