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Sticker Club and Updates!

Hello all my amazing cuties!!

Some updates and exciting new projects are in the works 👀

first off, we're starting a monthly sticker club over on ! Each month will be a new design in limited quantity, with polls where y'all will help with the design process. I'm hoping that doing this little club will help me get in the process of creating more frequently, which means more cute stuff into your hands! please check it out and let's get it rolling!

and secondly, we've sold out of the Dolly style micro moth lashes and the black Mega Moth are in very low stock! OMG!! I'm so grateful that you guys are loving these lashes! đŸ€©đŸ€©đŸ€© would you like to see a restock of Dolly style or should we branch out with new designs?

Also, we have to switch factories where Mega Moth is produced so the next run might have some slight differences. We're thinking of making the box smaller and selling them as a single set instead of a double set as well. đŸ€”

I hope you've enjoyed these updates and thank you all so so much for your support, it means the world and so much more to have you here while I develop this brand!



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