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Welcome to the new website!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We are SO beyond excited to show you the NEW and IMPROVED. . . Dollybox.Online !!

The dream is to expand beyond Toshi's personal image, and fully create a brand that celebrates magic and creativity, and can provide beauty-related and beauty-inspired items for folks from all walks of life to enjoy!

This site will be a work-in-progress for a bit, but overall we sincerely hope that it is a step forward in the direction of our dreams! Please feel free to give us feedback, comments, questions, etc. as often as you like! We appreciate any and all feedback~

I would personally like to give a BIG GIANT THANK YOUUUU to Jen, Dillon and Emily, whom without, this brand would have not been able to flourish as it has. Teamwork really does make the dream work, and without the amazing energy, pep talks, meetings, and of course assistance with the things I can't handle, Dollybox wouldn't be where it is today and wouldn't be able to grow into the incredible brand I know we will expand into !!

When you purchase from Dollybox.Online, you are not just supporting myself (Toshi), you are supporting multiple independent creatives who have provided the best support a Doll could ask for. <3 Check out their other endeavors here!

Jen has incredible talent for website and product design, check out their work here:

Dillon creates incredible handmade resin art ! check out their shop here and keep an eye out for releases!

And if you LOVE shopping but don't have time to sift through vintage, check out Emily's incredibly curated and well-priced Depop shop over at ! Nonstop updates and always something cute and size-inclusive!

Much love and light to all of you through these crazy times!

Who knew that a global pandemic, moving across the country and health issues would actually bring about something amazingly positive?! This site means so much more than just a new look- it is proof of my dedication to the dream I've had since I was young of being a ~real~ designer.

Xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxooxo and again, thank you so so much for your support


Toshi <3

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